Yes, as per our review, This Exchange appears to be legit and safe. It is a reputable brokerage service providing company that serves clients settled in almost all countries with a few exceptions. As Coinmama is providing tremendous support in case of any issues, It is highly recommended for beginners. Coinmama does have a comparatively higher fee structure, but it compensates with excellent customer service that adds value to the money. A wallet confirmation link will be sent to your registered email address. Click on the link and confirm your wallet address after which you will be sent your purchased BTC into that wallet address.

Have your government-issued ID ready and follow the on-screen instructions. On a side note, if you have already experienced Coinmama and are not satisfied with the platform for some reason, you might want to check Kraken. Here are a few things you should know about depositing money to buy crypto from Coinmama. This registration prevents Coinmama from many issues such as international money laundering, terrorist financing, and other crimes. As a resident of the United States, you can count on these institutions when you want to trade via Coinmama.

Instead, all the transactions use digital currency from the inventory. It means you are unlikely to come across issues while buying Bitcoin or something else. You are essentially buying and selling any crypto to Coinmama, who charges or pays money. Coinmama, the popular crypto exchange, had its inception in 2013. The company ventured into the crypto space when Bitcoin started becoming a buzzword.

coinmama exchange review

In short, all your crypto exchange transactions are safe at Coinmama. Coinmama users can buy bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ethereum, tezos, ripple, cardano, dogecoin, uniswap and chainlink. However, users can only sell bitcoin for fiat currency (such as U.S. dollars) on the exchange.

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The company is headquartered in Ireland, and it was founded by Nimrod Gruber, Laurence Newman, and Ilan Schuster. Coinmama supports nine digital assets at the time of publication, including Bitcoin, Cardano, and Ethereum. Customers can make purchases using different types of payment options, including digital wallet services like Apple Pay.

Malcolm from Coinmama support was extremely helpful, efficient and polite. In fact, he has helped me on more than one occasion and it is always a pleasure to have someone competent and understanding provide technical support. If you have been mistakenly charged coinmama exchange review for a Failed or Expired order, we would be more than happy to refund the money back to your bank. One of our priorities here is to protect and help educate our amazing customers. They best we can do is take every necessary step to prevent this from happening.

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Anyone reaching level 2 verification will increase the limit on purchases up to 50,000 USD. To verify your account, you’ll need to have a valid government-issued ID, a note with the word “Coinmama” on it, and the ability to take a selfie. It’s worth noting that US passports are not an applicable form of ID since Coinmama is not available in every state. Furthermore, there’s no user-to-user trading on the platform.

coinmama exchange review

OKX is a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange, providing advanced financial services to traders globally by using blockchain technology. Coinmama does not hold users’ funds since the money moves from your bank account to the exchange’s bank account. As such, the exchange does not include a ‘Withdraw’ option.

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Our review finds that the major disadvantage of Coinmama is its fees. Due to higher fees, traders prefer to leave Coinmama and join other exchanges to get the benefits of lower exchange fees. In addition to the loyalty program, you can earn more money giving Coinmama new customers. All you need to do is give your friends/colleagues/family your affiliate link.

coinmama exchange review

Coinmama is a crypto brokerage company that was launched in 2013 in Tel Aviv, Israel. To date, it has branched out to Dublin and boasts over 2.6 million users spread across 188 countries. By joining the company, you get to purchase a whopping 10 cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

A huge advantage of using Coinmama is that you CAN use your credit card, just keep this fee in mind when purchasing cryptocurrency from this exchange. As one of the largest centralized crypto brokerages in the crypto space, Coinmama has deep liquidity. This means you can buy or sell a lot of crypto assets without moving the price significantly. The more cryptocurrencies you buy or sell with the platform, the more you save. Once you get promoted to a higher level, you have to meet a cumulative minimum buy amount over a rolling 90-day period in order to maintain your status.

As per our review, Coinmama platform is best suited for first-time buyers. For first-time buyers who currently don’t own any cryptos can easily buy them using their credit/debit cards or even wire transfers on the exchange. Unlike most other cryptocurrency exchanges that require a learned professional to help traders to use the trading platform, Coinmama is self-explanatory. One can easily understand the working procedures of the exchange by logging into the Coinmama website. One can find every single detail there, and the registration process is also straightforward. Traders need to sign on to the Coinmama website and register by providing basic details like full name, address, phone number, and a valid email ID.

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The next step is to complete Know Your Customer identity verification. This involves uploading supporting documents that prove your identity, along with a selfie. Coinmama disclosed that 450,000 email addresses and passwords were affected in 2019.

The business hour is Sunday to Thursday from 11 pm to 7 am Pacific Time. Coinmama services are available in 190 countries except for sanctioned countries and several states of the United States . Coinmama is an Israel-based leading crypto brokerage firm and operating in the space since 2013. So, without further addon, let’s get into reviewing Coinmama and what other unique features does it offer. After the initial verification, the coins get delivered instantly.

While the service is up to the mark and worth the price you pay, some beginners may have trouble with these fees. These exorbitant fees are visible when you use payment methods like a credit card. Coinmama is a simple, straightforward platform for buying and selling crypto. Its ease of use makes it a great option for certain customers.

Then, they are required to lock their login credentials with a strong password. Coinmama provides brokerage services to buy Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies. Faster payments service is available for customers only in the UK, which allows users to buy crypto directly paying from their bank account and receive it within a day time. As mentioned above, Coinmama offers a brokerage service for cryptocurrencies. It sells you the currency directly, unlike other trading platforms where you need to buy the coins from different people. Now, the problem with not having your wallet in sync with the exchange is that you will suffer immensely if you ever enter your wallet address wrongly.

Before buying Bitcoin – or any digital currency – you will also need to have a secure digital wallet. Once this is completed, you can store your Bitcoins there and use this wallet to purchase goods and services online. It’s also useful to learn more about Bitcoin and blockchain. Binance allows purchases of crypto with a credit card, both through themselves and third-party providers such as Simplex.

The company also has well-known members in its team, which helps build further trust for a business that has been in operation since 2013. The content published on this website is not aimed to give any kind of financial, investment, trading, or any other form of advice. does not endorse or suggest you buy, sell or hold any kind of cryptocurrency.

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